Niche Recycling is your waste management expert. We offer a three part service designed to meet regulatory requirements and identify options to green waste disposal in your business. Our goal is to make waste management at your establishment more efficient, reduce costs, and implement programs for waste reduction, recycling and composting.

Waste Management Site Survey. It all begins with a meeting at your premises. We tour your facility and discuss your management practices needs, limitations, and opportunities. Our objective: determine what you need and what you want. Based on the complexity of your situation, Niche Recycling will prepare either a written proposal for technical assistance to implement a program immediately or detail a more in-depth plan to meet your expectations.

Waste Assessment and Implementation Planning. Niche will evaluate your current waste management and disposal practices and costs, followed by a meeting with you and members of your staff to discuss those findings, options, and recommendations for specific improvements. From this interim meeting Niche Recycling will prepare a plan customized to your operations, complete with scope of work, budget, needed resources, equipment and training programs and anticipated benefits—everything you need to justify making the investment.

Program Implementation. Technical assistance as described and budgeted. As your waste management expert, Niche Recycling will be available to assure your program succeeds.

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