The Radian Overview
The waste management system at the Radian consists of separate systems for residential and commercial/retail tenants. Each system is designed to provide tenants with the means to conveniently separate trash from recycled materials and food waste as required in the law.

Radian residents receive recycling binsResidential tenants have access to a “Recycling Center” on each floor, a room containing two chute openings: one for regular trash and the second for commingled recyclable materials—glass, plastic, and metal food and beverage containers, and all forms of paper products. Garbage disposals are provided in each apartment for food waste.

Each retail unit has been provided with a trash compactor and bailer for cardboard and containers for commingled recyclable materials and food waste. Cardboard bales and commingled recyclables are transported by retail staff to a “holding room." Food waste (“wet trash”) is transported to separate “wet room” on the loading dock.

Radian staff transporting recyclables to the compactorRadian Staff transport residential and retail trash and commingled recyclables to separate compactors on the loading for trash & recyclables. Currently, these materials and food waste are serviced under contract to Republic Waste Services. Separate collection for food waste and off site composting is anticipated in the coming year.

Work Performed
Consultation in the development, installation and management of recovery based waste management system for a 14 story luxury student apartment building with five restaurant and four commercial retail establishments. Engaged at project conception, Niche consulted with the Architect to incorporate waste management into the design of the building. Features include:

Continuing consultation is provided for operating protocols for maintenance and commercial tenants participation, instructional materials and troubleshooting.








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