Niche conducted a waste sort of 24 hour waste samples of two facilities at the University of Pennsylvania: Williams/Logan an adjoining classroom/faculty office buildings who share a common waste collection/recycling station and Graduate Towers, a 22 story, student residential building, with –commercial retail and offices on the first two floors. The purpose of the waste sort was to determine how to improve the University’s recycling program.

Work Performed
The waste assessment was a two-part process. First, Niche conducted a walking tour at each facility, interviewing the on-site housekeeping staff to observe and map the path for both trash and recycling from the point of generation to the collection dumpsters and commingled container collection pod. Second, Niche performed a waste stream analysis using 24-hour waste and recycling collection samples retrieved from each location. Niche crews sorted and recorded each waste and recycling collection sample from the two locations based on weight and material category.

The data indicated the University could double its recycling rate by improving collection in the following ways:

Penn Waste Sort Graph







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