The client owns a four story, 20 unit apartment building in the Wynnefield. Waste collection is performed several time week by a maintenance company who removes the trash from open stair landings on each floor in the rear of the building. The building has is frequently visited family of raccoons in search of a meal. They over turn the garbage cans, spreading trash every where. The owner also wanted to provide her tenants with the opportunity to recycle.

Work Performed
Site Assessment: Niche Recycling recommended removing the trash from the landings to a trash corral on the round level. Research determined the most effective approach to deter the Raccoons were galvanized steel trash cans with lids and 95 gallon tote carts were purchased and labeled for commingled recycling. Custodial protocols would be developed for the maintenance company and promotional materials prepared for the tenants.

Program Implementation: Niche prepared a specification for the corral and a contractor selected for its construction. The Garbage cans were purchased and an artist retained to paint the message “Lids on-Animals Out” to encourage its replacement after use. –promotional materials were prepares and a one-on-one orientation of the tenants and manager was conducted in the use and management of the facility.

The corral was constructed as planned and has resolved the issue.







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